Baile Masturbator Cup for men


Baile Masturbator Cup for men

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  • Length: 15 x 8 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 600g
  • MaterIal: TPR Silicone
  • Color: Light flesh color

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This male sex toy masturbator offers you wonderful pleasure, while helping you become a better lover.


Length: 15 x 8 x 7 cm
Weight: 600g
MaterIal: TPR Silicone
Color: Light flesh color


Non toxic US FDA Medical Silica Gel Certification
High and low temperature 85 F -390 F.
Stable molecular structure, does not harmful substances
Lightweight, soft like skin
Travel friendly and easy to carry
Safe and odorless

Care Instructions:

We don’t recommend using condoms.
Clean your penis after using the masturbator, male sex toy
Always clean the sex toy after every use
Silicone vagina can be set into warm water for 5-10 minutes
You can use disinfection cupboard for further sterilization

Product Description:

This pocket pussy’s inner canal feels incredibly lifelike stimulation from a young lady. It is molded from a pretty Japanese girl, and with the added vibration function mimics the real sensation of sexual intercourse.

Realistic sexual intercourse stamina training male sex toy
Lifelike vagina entrance adds to the real feel young pussy experience
Tight inner canal for very intense stimulation
Sturdy and strong case for better handle
Feel waves of vibrations in your meaty length for pleasure you can never measure
Storm to orgasm with the high-voltage vibration

You can improve your bedroom stamina, ejaculation, and technique while you play. Use it often and get rewarded with super explosive climaxes. You’ll be viewed by your sex partners as an awesome macho man. You’ll see your lover more satisfied in your every orgasm together.

If your tired or even not content with your hands massaging your meat flute, then it’s time to experience a higher level of sexual pleasure and stimulation. Order the Pocket Pussy Rubber Vagina Young Japan Girl Artificial Vagina Silicone Male Sex Toy now!


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